Coordinate programs to be presented at regular meetings of L.D.C.O.C. for the purpose of educating Democrats in the function of and participation in the Democratic Party and the political process.


Responsible for promoting fundraising  projects for L.D.C.O.C. purposes.  Present a budget to the membership at the first regular meeting of the year.


Responsible for promoting membership in L.D.C.O.C. and maintaining a current membership record.  All dues collected to be transmitted to Treasurer for deposit in general treasury of L.D.C.O.C.

Newsletter and Public Relations

Responsible for publication and distribution of the official newsletter of L.D.C.O.C.  Maintain communication with the news media of Orange County, such as newspapers, radio and television.  Submit L.D.C.O.C. news release to appropriate media as needed.  Official notification of all regular meetings of L.D.C.O.C. shall be through regular mail, the official newsletter of the L.D.C.O.C. or Orange County Democratic Bulletin.

Youth Outreach

Chairperson is responsible for encouraging and promoting youth membership in L.D.C.O.C.

Legislative Committee

Chairperson is responsible for coordinating legislative activities and for keeping membership informed of pertinent legislative information.

Committee of Ethics & Conduct

Chairperson is responsible for the notice and conduct of hearings held pursuant to Article III, Section 3 and Article VIII, Section 2.

Senior Citizen Outreach

Chairperson is responsible for encouraging and promoting senior citizen membership in L.D.C.O.C.

Voter Registration

Chairperson will coordinate all voter registration activities and events.

Endorsement Committee

Interview candidates and provide the Board of Directors with a recommendation of endorsements.  The Chair will collect the applications, recruit volunteers for the committee to interview the candidates; set up interview schedule; gather all the reports from the volunteers on their recommendations for each candidate; prepare an endorsement report with the recommendations from the Endorsement Committee.



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