How to deal with bubble wrap once your move is over

If you are moving frequently, you simply know how long it takes to unpack the whole belongings. Not just you have to put off everything but also decide what to do with remained bubble wrap. Do not throw it away but consider the following tips:

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  1. Give away your leftover bubble wrap to UPS stores that will happily accept it. They also accept clean packing materials for reuse so if you have those leftover items, you should contact UPS store in your locality.
  2. Bring it with you while shopping- When you are going to the grocery store or for shopping, keep bubble wrap with you as it can be helpful in protecting glass jar from breaking and bruising vegetables and fruits. Simply wrap the bought items in a bubble wrap before keeping it in your bag. Your items will remain in original condition throughout the way to home.
  3. Donate- Want to donate? Give away the leftover bubble wrap to people in the area who are moving soon. For this you can also approach to online marketplace to find communities that accept donations. Here you will surely find people who are in need of bubble wrap so you can easily help them.

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  1. If your refrigerator is full but you still have the fruits and vegetables to keep in, consider wrapping them with bubble wrap before keeping your veggies in refrigerator. So you can keep your food good and fresh without getting it bruised.
  2. House insulation- Bubble wrap is also a good heat insulating option during winters. It helps keep your home toasty during cold times. For this line your windows with bubble wrap at night to insulate it. You can also layer it with more pieces of bubble wrap for extra insulation. IN addition of keeping your home warm, you can also use bubble wrap to trap the heat inside of your house.
  3. Recycling- If you can’t find any use of leftover bubble wrap, then recycle it. Many people look for bubble wrap for various uses. Make sure to check your community guidelines before recycling bubble wrap.
  4. Plant protection- You can also use bubble wrap to protect plant in winter season when the cold air makes them weak. Simply line up the pot sides with bubble wrap before planting soil. It helps your plants to survive in cold season. Make sure to create a hole in the bottom to allow plants drain.
  5. Cushion your mail- You can also use bubble wrap to pack delicate items. However many mailers are already wrapped with it, still for additional security you can send your fragile goods packed in bubble wrap.
  6. Storage- If you known that you will not move for a very long time, then save your leftover bubble wrap such as in your garage, storage unit or basement.

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